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Sarah’s Story – A Moving Mural

One in four children are exposed to domestic violence in Australia today. Young, vulnerable and without a voice, these children are often silenced.

To drive conversation around this critical issue, Jeunesse Australasia tasked the 6AM to build a campaign that would raise awareness of their charitable arm Jeunesse Kids and its partnership with the Little Friends Scholarship, part of the Friends with Dignity network.

On United Nations Universal Children’s Day, 6AM launched Sarah’s Story – an interactive mural and animation film based on the real-life story of a young girl affected by domestic violence (names changed for privacy). Simple yet powerful, this creative helped give hope that those children affected by domestic violence could have their voices heard. Sarah’s Story was supported by media coverage and social content to drive reach and engagement.


  • Over 4 million impressions
  • 15 pieces of coverage across Tier 1 & Tier 2 media
  • 63.9% engagement rate on Facebook for the duration of the campaign
  • 25% increase in social engagement on campaign-specific posts