Our Clients


How do you like to be woken up in the morning?

If you like to wake up to thought-provoking clients, innovative strategy and savvy integrated communication that’s always one step ahead of the competition, then chances are you’ll love being woken up at 6AM.

The 6AM Agency is excited to advertise a new position for an Integrated Senior Account Director (SAD) or Group Account Director (GAD) to join our team. Capable across strategy, team performance and client relationship management, we’re looking for a brilliant Public Relations Practitioner who was walking the walk long before the competition started crawling.

Don’t be afraid to set your alarm with us. We’re used to hiring the firebrands who are borderline obsessed with our clients and adore the creative souls who embrace the ideas others won’t touch.

As a modern creative communications agency known for authenticity, trail-blazing ideas and a deep heritage in the health and wellbeing space, we’re proud to say that Sydney knows that it’s healthier to be woken up at 6AM.

For a full job description, or to apply to work@the6amagency.com.au, please send through your CV and written application.