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A Moving Story

Omega3’s are vital for our overall wellbeing, found mostly in fish oil and flaxseed oil. Little is known about sustainable krill oil and its superior benefits for Omega3. 6AM was tasked with bringing the SuperbaKrill Oil story to life in a way that appealed to the emotions of the consumer, providing them hope for better movement based on improved joint health.

6AM developed ‘A Moving Story’, a creative campaign based on the real-life experience of a 77-year-old speed skater who suffers from arthritis but with the help of krill oil has found a new lease on life. Simple and compelling, this creative illustrated just what can happen when an individual celebrates their true potential. The content was seeded across owned and earned channels, used locally and internationally. The campaign was supported by PR initiatives to boost messaging reach.


  • 33 pieces of coverage achieved in a 6 week period
  • 10,100 000 media impressions