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Communications Strategy

Pop That Media Bubble

Communications strategy is about having a deep understanding of our clients’ business objectives. By identifying your primary media bubbles (or the areas that you have authority to speak within) we can devise a strategic and creative plan to cultivate these bubbles and pierce new ones. This ensures effective communications across the relevant channels of influence for your target audience.

The new media landscape necessitates a fresh approach. 6AM’s integrated team are specialists in earned, owned, paid and emerging content channels.

Content Marketing

Provide Value

Consumers today only pay attention to content that delivers value to their lifestyle and interests. If your content does not provide this value exchange, your content will be ignored. It will be digital wallpaper.

This provides an exciting opportunity for brands that are willing to do what it takes and get the mix right. Brands can become publishers in this modern content paradigm. They can manage their messages and engage customers directly, meaningfully and 1:1.

We believe PR is the natural home for content marketing. Our DNA has always been about creating engaging stories that get seen and earn attention.

PR, Corporate Affairs and Reputation Management

Story Management

PR is about influence and impact through effective storytelling, which creates cut through. Meanwhile, Corporate Affairs and Reputation Management are both essential to protect and build the profile and reputations of clients in an era of increased vulnerability.

Google never forgets, and the array of social platforms means anyone can publish, take a photo or video and reach a significant audience. Our experienced team of professionals and stress-tested processes ensure your brand is in safe hands.

The Speed of Send

Our deep specialisation in the Wellbeing and Good Living industry ensures we understand the nuances of the regulatory environment. We are well equipped to protect and position your brand in the most favourable light.

Our data and monitoring tools keep you a step ahead, informed and ready to jump on issues before they snowball in social media or the press.

Digital & Social Amplification

Trend Together

The media landscape is now reforming and coalescing around a few key digital apps and platforms. Brands need to re-think how to reach consumers in this social, mobile and algorithm driven environment.

In an 'Attention Economy', you may be able to buy eyeballs, but you have to earn attention. Even though social media is increasingly becoming pay for play, content must travel under its own momentum to maximise media efficiencies.

We bake social thinking into everything we do. We ensure our social-first content lights the digital flame or fuels existing fires. This turns customers into advocates who will help to distribute and share.

6AM invests in only the best data and insights tools for our content newsroom. This ensures they have the most relevant real-time data for their news-jacking and trend-hacking output.

Influencer Management

The Rise Of The Creator Economy

The reach and low barrier to entry of social platforms has fuelled an emerging 'Creator Economy' of social creators and influencers.

These influencers are now the new celebrities, the new publishers and the new creators. Some have audiences bigger than most publishers.

In today’s landscape of ad blocking and social ad spends, influencers have become an essential channel for brands. They can help achieve awareness, drive engagement, build advocacy and loyalty.

Influencer marketing only works if it is relevant and authentic. And it’s more critical than ever that brands safeguard their influencer relationships by seeking expert guidance in managing and leveraging them.

6AM Network

6AM has a proven track record of successful social influencer identification and management. We cultivate robust and highly effective relationships with:

• Key opinion leaders
• Social creators
• Traditional as well as new-age influencers in the Wellbeing and Good Living space

Events & Activations

Social By Design

6AM delivers innovative, interactive and engaging events and activations. From media briefings and press conferences to brand activations and product launches, trade-shows and more.

6AM events are social-by-design and live on through shared content, well into the future. This maximises your return on investment and results. Ensuring that while not everyone will go, everyone will know.