Gill Fish

Founder & Director


Founder and Director of The 6AM Agency, Gill commenced her career in magazine publishing as a young intern and steadily rose her way through the ranks over 12 year to publishing management, culminating in the role of Managing Editor of one of South Africa’s leading lifestyle publications. Her passion for story telling, combined with a love of creativity through photography and design, and a strong interest in business, led her on a rich decade+ long journey in the exciting world of publishing – editorial and advertorial – planning and creating content, both local and international, which spanned fashion, food, health, lifestyle and celebrity.  Using her passion for business, Gill then went on to focus her time on publishing business management, with a special interest in the restructuring and refocussing of magazine brands that had lost their way.

In 2000, Gill migrated to Australia and took on the role of GM on a community newspaper, using her business skills to work with the team to restructure and refocus in order to enhance commercial viability. During her first two years in Australia, she could see that opportunities were plentiful and in 2002, Gill she stepped out on her own to realise a lifelong entrepreneurial dream of building and owning her own business  and launched Brand New Solutions (now The 6AM Agency) working with clients across fashion, beauty, décor, lifestyle and health.

Gill’s instinct for trends had shown her that a health revolution was on its way and before long she was focussing her energies on educating herself and establishing the agency at  the forefront of the wellbeing revolution.  Her passion for content coupled with the explosion in online opportunities and the consumer interest in preventive health saw significant success with some of the leading brands across health, medical and lifestyle markets.  Today, the agency is acknowledged as the leading communications agency in evidence-based wellbeing extending into Good Living, working with world-leading brands that span Australia, USA and Japan as well as key opinion leaders and influencers.
Gill is the author of Good + Well: 25 World Experts Share Their Secrets to Wellbeing (2016). Gill has a Bachelors of Social Science (UCT) and the AAA Diploma in Advertising (SA).