Australian Wellbeing Communications Specialist puts good health on the agenda in a secret expose of world leading experts

“This inspiring collection of interviews with health experts in diverse fields from neuroscience to holistic practitioners takes us on a trip through the thoughts, theories and science of what we currently know. It makes for a fascinating read.”

Dr Joanna McMillan – Nutrition Scientist, Dietitian & Media Health Presenter


Print version of the book will be available through bookstores nationwide, on Amazon, for Kindle, and other e-book sellers.

17 January 2016, 6:00am: World renowned health experts have unveiled their personal secrets to health and longevity in a new Australian book to be released this month.

Written by leading Wellbeing Communications Specialist, Gillian Fish, the book is a collection of insights from international health luminaries including neurosurgeon Professor Charlie Teo AM, Author and Nutritionist, Patrick Holford and eminent cardiologist, Dr Mark C. Houston MD.

Founder and Director of Sydney-based The 6AM Agency, Gillian has forged unique relationships with some of the leading voices in health prevention globally during the building of The 6AM Agency.

Titled Good + Well: 25 World Experts Share their Secrets to Wellbeing, the book unveils the latest advances in health science and some of the world’s biggest health game changers, in a contemporary designed, visual and literary feast of all things evidence-based Wellbeing.

In his foreword, Professor Ralph Martins AO, world renowned expert in Alzheimer’s prevention said Good + Well allows readers to leverage the knowledge and experiences of a lifetime of 25 eminent health professionals.

“One would expect a wide range of thinking, however, interestingly, the importance of healthy diet, physical activity, methods of relaxation, and keeping mentally active are factors that keep cropping up despite the fact that all these professionals work in different areas of health and medicine,” Professor Martins said.

Over the last decade, Gillian has been exposed to the powerful evidence-based model of ‘Wellness’ and is an advocate for a proactive preventive approach to health and longevity.

Gillian has dedicated the book to her late mother, award-winning journalist, Zelda D Gosschalk who passed away in 2013 after a 14-year battle with Alzheimer’s – a disease which plagues 46.8 million[i] people worldwide.

“My mother’s illness helped me find my purpose – to learn and promote the powerful role of Health Prevention; to change the way we traditionally understand health; to focus on ‘Wellness’ rather than ‘Sickness’, ” Gillian said.

“I have engaged with key leaders in neurology, cardiology, nutrition, functional medicine, aesthetic medicine and mental health and learned that focusing on the underlying cause of disease, rather than the symptom, is key to unravelling health issues and finding solutions.

“I wanted to capture all of the best advice in one simple-to-read and creatively inspiring book that distilled complex topics to a point where people are enticed to read further and to take active control of their health” Gillian said.

“The common message is that chronic degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis are not a foregone conclusion in life.

“Most of us can lead healthy, fulfilled lives for decades, if we are to follow a true model of ‘Wellbeing’ – based around the fundamental pillars of good health: diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and supplementation.

“Ageing does not mean a sentence of low energy, depleted memory, aching bodies or diminished sex drive,” Gillian said.

Good + Well: 25 World Experts Share their Secrets to Wellbeing offers world expert insights into the multitude of modern health challenges, including poor gut health, pollution, chronic stress, and poor eating habits – too much refined sugar, too much alcohol and gluten.

“All of these challenges lead to inflammation, oxidative stress and immune dysfunction – a surefire recipe for disease,” Gillian said.

“The evidence is undeniable – smart researchers and world experts have shown time and time again that with constructive change and an evolution to a preventive model of health we can save ourselves, our families and our communities.”

The book contains insights from:

  • Prof Charlie Teo AM – Neurosurgeon AUS
  • Dr Ross Walker MD – Integrative Cardiologist & Media Doctor AUS
  • Patrick Holford NUT- Nutritionist UK
  • Dr John Hart MD Functional Medicine Doctor & Brain Health Expert AUS
  • Dr Steven Dayan MD – Facial Plastic Surgeon USA
  • Dr James L. Wilson DC, ND, PHD – Naturopathic Doctor USA
  • Dr Robert Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP – Chairman, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Anti-Ageing & Fitness Expert, USA
  • Dr Mark C. Houston MD – Integrative Cardiologist USA
  • Alli Berman – Brain Fitness Consultant USA
  • Prof Michael Holick AKA ‘Dr Sunshine’ – Professor of Medicine, Physiology & Biophysics USA
  • Dr Warwick Nettle MD – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon AUS
  • Dr Joseph Maroon MD – Neurosurgeon USA
  • Prof Marc Cohen MD MD & Expert in Wellness & Complementary Medicine AUS
  • Dr Ginni Mansberg MD – GP & Media Doctor AUS
  • Dr Anish Bajaj DC – Chiropractor USA
  • Stephen Eddey NAT – Natural Medicine and Australis College AUS
  • Dr Des Fernandes MD – Plastic reconstructive Surgeon & Anti-Ageing Specialist SA
  • A/Prof Paul Taylor – Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist AUS
  • Jason T Smith – Visionary Physiotherapist AUS
  • Dr Jason Kaplan MD – Integrative Cardiologist AUS
  • Dr Ron Ehrlich B.D.S. FACNEM (Dent) – Holistic Dentist AUS
  • Dr Michael Murray ND – Naturopathic Doctor USA
  • Dr Mark Edinburg MD – Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon AUS
  • Prof Garry Egger AM MPH PhD MAPS – Prof of Health & Human Sciences AUS
  • Dr Leila Masson MD – Paediatrician AUS

Published & Project Managed by The Messenger Group.


Through the Good + Well project Gillian welcomes readers to donate funds towards the Macquarie University research into the Prevention of Alzheimer’s study, under Prof Ralph Martins’ directorship, which will continue to pave the way to revolutionary breakthroughs in finding ways to stop the scourge of this disease which affects over 46 million people worldwide each year.

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