Some people would have you think so. But it’s actually far from the truth. Email marketing is a valuable investment. It’s inexpensive, great for continued brand awareness, staying front of mind and reaching out to past customers. And when teamed with content marketing it’s a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal which takes place in a more personal environment – the inbox.

But how do you make the most of email marketing? Don’t go batch and blast, personalisation through data insights is key.

Effective subject lines. Be accurate, engaging and draw your readers in.

A clear Call to Action. What do you want your reader to do? Ensure you make it obvious.

Good content. Invest in this. It’s what will make the difference between success and failure.

Consider the moment of reception – is it likely on a mobile device? Ensure the content and design works for this.

Use your voice. Align your email tone of voice with that of your brand across your various platforms. It builds consistency and recognition.

Consider your mix. Decide on your content mix and the frequency of your email interactions. Is it too much or too little?

Tracking. Have the tools in place to analyse open rates, click throughs and conversions.

And finally, test and refine. Look closely at what worked and what didn’t and what you can do differently next time. You stand a better chance of engaging your audience if you constantly strive to deliver what they want from you.

Data first approach. If you have a marketing automation and CRM platform in place, ensure you are using the value at your fingertips to increase the relevancy and personalisation of email comms – this will be well worth it when you see the uplift in results.