Who We Are

Smart people creating healthy brands

We live in a multi-screen world of atomised media consumption. Crowd Culture has taken hold, and the audience is in control. They block ads, skim through feeds and decide which cream rises to the top. They’re the ones driving their media journeys, and they demand on-demand. To combat infobesity they curate via peer networks and let algorithms filter the fire hose for them. It is an attention economy of silos, blinkers, filters and bubbles that brands must navigate if they want to survive. Our PR heritage provides us with unique instincts and specialist skills for an increasingly competitive attention economy.

Business as usual needs a wake-up call. And 6AM is here to help your brand rise to the challenge.

Our promise to clients

  • A smart and agile cross-discipline team integrating strategy, data, creative, earned and digital
  • Deep data-driven insights to inform human-centred strategy
  • Original and crafted stories that earn attention and establish emotional bonds between brand and audience
  • An astute understanding of the commercial realities our clients face and the need to work lean and smart at every turn
  • Agile in a news and trend-driven environment to ensure we travel at the speed of culture

Formerly known as BNS, 6AM offers the same integrity, credibility and deep expertise in Wellbeing and Good Living. Just with extra fully integrated capabilities for a new media landscape. If the sound of 6am has awoken your curiosity, then we’d love you to drop-in for a cup of tea and a chat to see what’s possible.

The client service team

We understand the true meaning of Integrated Communications. Our client service teams are integrated at their core – Strategy, Creative, Digital, and PR driven by data-driven insights.